Introducing Heroes of Holdem

Official Heroes of Holdem Whitepaper

Heroes of Holdem is a digital card game with unique gameplay that takes advantage of blockchain technology to provide true ownership of game assets to the players.

Every Hero, Minion, Ability, and Equipment in the game is a collectible card owned by the player. Owning these cards allows players to do anything they want with them, including taking part in events to battling other players for H$RO rewards, as well as using two heroes they own in the Recruitment process to create new and exciting Hero. You can even trade them on Heroes of Holdem’s custom marketplace.

In each event you enter you will be pitted against many other players and their loadouts and strategies to compete for H$RO and Gem prizes. Each season will run for a set period of days and will have a leaderboard ladder competition with further H$RO and Gem prizes as well as chances at unique cosmetic items to display in the game.

Whether you are a poker enthusiast, a collectible card game fan or an RPG lover who enjoys the progression of your character, Heroes of Holdem will give you the gameplay you crave, or if you are a fan of mastering economic ecosystems and marketplaces, then the Recruitment system might be for you. Create new Hero to use, sell, and trade including racial and class combinations not originally available during the initial Hero launch day. Want to play a Dwarven Necromancer but that isn't available in the initial release? No problem, the recruitment system will allow you to pair your Dwarven Warrior or other class with another race's Necromancer and try to roll the first Dwarven Necromancer in the realm.

Each race and class have specific stats associated with them, and savvy players will quickly create new combinations that have never been seen before, statistical combinations coupled with their race’s spells and abilities.

Heroes of Holdem is a gamers dream, drawing from the enormous following of poker, the cerebral player base of CCGs, and the imagination of role-playing game enthusiasts across the entire globe. Every day thousands of Heroes, Minions, Abilities, and Equipment will be unlocked and traded for assets on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

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