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Recruitment (Breeding)

Recruitment is the process of creating new Heroes by using two of the Hero cards a player already owns.

The player chooses which two Heroes to be the Recruiters, carefully weighing the chances of getting the specific Recruit they want, and then pays a static Gem fee, depending on how many times the Recruiter Heroes have recruited in the past.
The base fee in Gems is doubled every subsequent Recruiting up and to a max of 5 times, Gem price does not change. Once a Hero has recruited 5 times it can no longer be used to recruit again in the future.
The resulting recruit that is created will be run through the recruitment algorithm at the time of creation and take the parent Heroes' statistics into consideration when deciding race, class, and numerical stats. The recruit will end up with dominant and recessive genes associated with Race and Class.
EXAMPLE: A generation one orc warrior pairs with a generation one human cleric to recruit. The resulting recruit will either be an orc or human and in this case, the chances are 50/50. If the recruit rolls an orc it will be an O.h. (Orc dominant human recessive) Hero. Functionally in gameplay, this is simply an orc. However, in subsequent breeding, there is a chance depending on the partners chosen that an O.h. recruiting with another X.h. A hero can result in a human recruit. The chances of this are easily determined via a classic Punnett square. In this case a 25% chance. This method is also repeated with the class aspect of the hero.