Hero Stats

Each Hero comes with 5 Stats that increase or decrease depending on their Race & Class. On this page, we'll define what those stats mean.
Health Bonus:
At the start of each tournament there is a baseline of health each character will have. For our example let's use 2000 starting health for all Heroes, Minions and NPCs. If we use the example above, this hero has a 45% bonus, thus he would start with 2900 Health (Chips).
Minion Health Bonus:
Just like your Hero, Minions have a starting health bonus. Some are much higher (Dragon) and some much are lower (Imp). Below is the baseline for your minions, then you need to add the Heroes' bonus on top of that.
For a complete statistical breakdown of Minions head to: Minions
Minion Leech Bonus:
Minion Leech is the % of the Health (chips) your Minions win in a give pot that they send to you, their Hero. An example would be your Minion has 25% Leech and wins a pot of 1000 Health. He would then keep 750 health for him self and send you 250 (You leech it from him).
For a complete statistical breakdown of Minions head to: Minions
Pickpocket is the % chance you have after a showdown loss to get refunded the same % of the pot (health comes from the site, not the pot itself). An example would be if you have 20% pickpocket. This means you have a 20% chance to get refunded 20% of the pot if you lose at showdown.
*Note: If you are all-in, your pickpocket % is decreased by half.
Free Straddle:
A straddle bet is an free blind bet made by a player after the posting of the small and big blinds, but before cards are dealt. The player that got the free straddle now acts as if he's the big blind and is last to act.