To play Heroes of Holdem, users must choose a Hero.

HoH provides 7 free to play Heroes with limited capabilities which will offer near full experience of an owned Hero. These free-to-play heroes do not have customizable loadouts and come with predefined statistics and abilities.

Heroes will be available prior to launch during our "go live" event. Several thousand Heroes will be available for players to randomly purchase at this time.

Accounts that do not own any Heroes can still participate and even earn in the Heroes of Holdem ecosystem and game, however, their participation levels and basic power level will be much lower than that of purchased Heroes and are meant to give players a taste of the experience, and not represent full gameplay options.

Purchased Heroes will only be available from the launch day event and will be a random combination of all the launch available races and classes.

As players acquire H$RO through winning events or purchasing from other players they can begin the process of Recruitment. Acquiring more Heroes with different abilities and statistics. This will allow for greater diversity in strategies employed, as well as provide more daily H$RO that can be won for their owners. It may take quite a few generations of carefully planned breeding for players to unlock all the different combinations available.

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