Core Team

Michael Haid Chief Executive Officer

The serial entrepreneur and our fearless leader. Michael has had a range of successful companies which include creating previous games. He has years of experience in the gaming industry which includes poker, sports betting, and fantasy sports.

Lee Francisco Chief Technology Officer

Lee's tech company which he founded and ran for 15 years was the proud recipient of the Michigan 50 companies to watch award! Being involved with several companies since then, he brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to the team.

David Leroux Chief Product Officer

David brings a feverish passion for web3 technology and medieval fantasy gaming. He has been a competitive MTG player as well as poker and MMORPGs. Our goal for Heroes of Hold'em and the ENEFTY vision is to perfectly blend the 3 to appeal to fans of all game types.

Ricky Pyne Chief Operating Officer

Ricky has been a professional poker player since 2005 and has been very successful in DFS since its inception. He finished 45th in the 2018 WSOP Main Event. His love for the game and knowledge of the overall gaming industry makes him a perfect placement to balance the fun-to-play with the more traditional aspects of poker.

Aleksa Miladinovic Project Management Officer

Over 10+ years of product-building experience. Co-founder and shareholder on multiple products in SaaS and game development spaces. Worked on developing start-up products in SF Bay Area (Silicon Valley), and consulted companies such as Airbus and McKinsey. In recent years shifted to focus on Blockchain & Video Gaming-related products.

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