Cleric Abilities

Ability Name
When Playable
Angelic Ally
If you have 5 or fewer minions at the start of the event, create an additional Angel minion under your control.
Answered Prayers
Flop Ability Phase
Reactivate one random exhausted ability.
Avoid Traps
Prevention Effect
Cancel the effect of any trap that you trigger.
Preflop Ability Phase
Target opponent gets the button at the start of the next hand. Until you next have the button, any pots they win, you receive an equal amount of health.
Preflop Ability Phase
Minions you control gain 35% of your Health Pool.
Preflop Ability Phase
Gain control of target non Dragon minion with less health than you for the remainder of the event.
Cure Ailments
Flop and River Ability Phase
Remove all debuffs attached to you.
Ability Phase
Opposing minions at your table take 20% of their health pool in damage.
Dispel Evil
Preflop Ability Phase
Prevent all opponents at the table from playing abilities for the next 6 hands, if they are a necromancer extend to 9 hands.
Dispel Magic
Ability Phase
Remove any debuffs on yourself and minions you control.
Eye for an Eye
Preflop Ability Phase
Reveal target opponents and your own hole cards for the duration of the hand.
Hallowed Halls
Flop Ability Phase
For the next 12 hands, you and your minions win an additional 50% health from pots won.
Heal the Congregation
Preflop Ability Phase
All minions you control gain 35% of average health pools.
Holy Goblin Sapper
Preflop Ability Phase
End of hand, Goblin Explodes dealing 50% of your health pool to all opposing minions at the table. Winning hand heals all minions you control for 40% of your health pool each.
Holy Shield
Regain 100% of health lost in a hand after losing a showdown.
Flop Ability Phase
Opponents choose to either put 20% of their health into the pot or reveal both of their hole cards.
Lost in Prayer
Flop and River Ability Phase
Shelter for 6 hands, 3 at the final table. Cannot use when heads up.
Turn Ability Phase
If no player is all in, pay 10% of the current pot into pot. The hand ends immediately without showdown. The entire pot is added to the starting pot of the next hand.
Ray of Light
Preflop Ability Phase
One random hole card from each opponent becomes visible to the caster only.
Ability Phase
Reenter a hand with the same cards you have previously folded by paying all missed bets since folding.
Prevention Effect
When the first minion you control is eliminated, revive it with 75% of average health pool automatically.
Prevention Effect
Prevent all damage from an ability that targets you, gain the amount of health prevented in this manner.
Postflop and UTG
Force all players to check current street.
Flop and Turn Ability Phase
Force a minion that is not all in to fold.
Preflop and UTG
Force all players to call the big blind, gain an amount of health equal to the pot.
Tower Defense
Preflop and Big Blind
Call any raise without using your health.
Preflop Ability Phase
Minions you control have health won in pots doubled for the next 12 hands.