Ranger Abilities

Ability Name
When Playable
Anchor Trap
When heads up, 3x raise your opponent, they are forced to call.
Animal Companion
If you control 5 or less minions at the start of the event, create a bear minion under your control.
Preflop Ability Phase
The next hand, player two spaces to your right gains the button. Anyone who raises your big blind and does not win the hand takes damage equal to the final pot.
Preflop Ability Phase
Target opponent receives the bleeding debuff for 2 cycles.
Bleed Trap
If an ability controlled by an opponent deals damage to you, the controller of that ability gains the bleeding debuff for a cycle.
Bloody Arrow
Make a raise, any opponent that does not fold receives the bleeding debuff for 12 hands.
Bloody Goblin Sapper
Preflop Ability Phase
End of hand, Sapper explodes dealing 10% of opponents health in damage. Winning the hand, opponents get Bleeding debuff for 6 hands.
Decoy Trap
If you lose a showdown, heal for 75% of your bets in the hand.
Feign Injury
Flop Ability Phase
Half of your health pool is exiled for the remainder of the hand.
Find Shelter
Flop Ability Phase
Shelter for 6 hands, 3 at the final table. Cannot use when heads up.
Guerilla Tactics
Post Flop Ability Phase
Pay 10% of the pot into the pot. Fold your hand. All money you invested in the pot to this point is removed from the pot and added to the following hands pot preflop.
Preflop Ability Phase
Target opponent receives the bleeding debuff until they win a hand.
Herbal Remedies
Flop and River Ability Phase
Remove any debuffs on your Hero.
Marked Prey
Flop Ability Phase
Target opponent gains the Omen debuff until the end of the turn.
Mud Trap
Flop Ability Phase
If you have previously folded you may re-enter the hand by paying 33% of the entire pot. Deactivated if cards are turned up.
Natural Recovery
Receive 200% of the pot when winning heads up with a minion.
Pitfall Trap
All opponents who call your raise take 35% of the pot in health damage.
Flop Ability Phase
Target opponent who has debuffs on them, apply 1 randomly to everyone else at the table at 50% the duration and damage.
Preflop Ability Phase
Destroy Target Minion that has less than 50% of your health pool. Receive 50% of their health pool.
Rain Arrows
Preflop and UTG
Straddle for free, any opponent folding preflop gains the bleeding debuff for a cycle.
Postflop and UTG
Make a 400% bet and force the next player to call.
Scent of Blood
Flop Ability Phase
50% damage increase and duration increase to all active bleed debuffs at the table.
Smoke Trap
Fold to a pot sized or larger bet and recover all health previously invested in the pot.
Snare Trap
3 bet an opponent's check raise and force them to discard their hole cards and draw two new cards before they choose their betting action.
Spellslick Trap
The controller of any ability that damages you, receives 150% of that damage instead.
Stun Shot
Call a bet and prevent opponents from raising for the rest of the street.
Tiger Form
Preflop and UTG
Raise the Big Blind 300% without costing yourself health.
Venom Arrow
Preflop Ability Phase
Target opponent takes 20% of their health pool in damage and gains the poison debuff for 6 hands.
Veterinary Skill
Minions you control gain the Healing buff for 12 hands.