Purchases During Beta

This is a guide for those users who purchase items during the Beta test.

Gems purchases: Heroes, Chests, Skins, Emotes

  • For each Hero purchased, users will get a random (Hero) when HOH goes live.

  • For each Chest purchased, users will get Gems at launch equal to that many chests purchase price.

  • For each Skin purchased, users will get a skin of your choice (Depending upon which Hero users randomly get minted, users can choose their skin).

  • For each Emote purchased, users will get an emote of your choice.

H$RO purchases: Heroes, Chests, Skins

  • Users will not get any Heroes when HOH goes live.

H$RO purchases with Leaderboard prize winnings: Instead of taking the Gem payment, many users are opting H$RO tokens at a 2:1 rate.

  • For every 2 Heroes, Skins, and Chests purchased from leaderboard prize pools, users will get 1 Hero (or H$RO tokens if chests).

H$RO Earned during Beta:

  • Users will be able to claim 10% of all H$RO earned in the FINAL season of beta live at launch.

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